What is the best product to start dreadlocks?

What is the best product to start dreads
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The best product to start dreadlocks is…no product at all! 

Does that surprise you? I would be surprised too if I would have followed the terrible advice found on the internet. 

(Granted, you did find this article on the Internet and you will find tons of advice on this website, but I promise I’m a true dreadlock advocate and I will back up my recommendations with logical reasoning. You’re free to do what you want with your locs, but I’m just here to give you some tips to consider. Trust me, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I have not personally tried, so that’s gotta count for something.)

Ok, back to the topic of dreadlock products.

Let’s face it, many companies (not just dreadlock companies) do NOT have your best interest in mind. It’s the sad truth.

When it comes to dreadlocks specifically, I urge you to be extra skeptical. Not because you should question everything out of a rebellious attitude, but because your dreads are a long-term commitment. Like it or not, anything you put in them now WILL have its repercussions in the future. 

Take wax for example. This is one of the products that makes me cringe. Wax is to be reserved for candles— not for your precious locs!! 

Wax is not water soluble so it will never wash off your matted hair. As a result, you will notice sections of residue that look like patches of white stuff (I don’t know which other way to describe it). Wax also leaves your locs sticky, which not only makes them heavy but also more susceptible to attracting lint and dirt. You can learn more about wax here.

Even though many products are on the no-no list (learn which ones here), it does not mean that all products are off-limits. 

The best products to have on hand once you get dreads are:

Those are the best products to use on dreadlocks, at least for starters.

I also recommend sleeping with a silk cap or silk pillowcase but that’s completely optional. I use a silk cap to prevent attracting lint while I’m sleeping and to protect my hair in general. 

Over the course of my dreadlock journey, I have put together 39 all-natural recipes which have tremendously helped to keep my locs healthy and clean. Check them out here

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