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nadia zbyszycki


My name is Nadia, named after the amazing Nadia Comaneci. Unfortunately, I could never live up to her name in gymnastics but I do love to dance. Not that I can dance well either, but who’s really watching? 😉 

I’m a twenty-something-year-old Argentine girl living in California. I love to travel and experience the world in unique ways, helping people along the way however I can.

I shocked many people when I decided to get dreadlocks (especially because I don’t fit the stereotype at all). But whatevs, I’m not here to talk about stereotypes. 

Regardless of how people associate themselves or see others with dreads, I can earnestly say it has been one of my favorite and most transforming life decisions. 

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the dreadlock journey, to be honest, yet I couldn’t have started it at a better time in my life. Many people speak of the spiritual journey they go through in the midst of their dreadlocks coming into their true form but I think my experience has been so much more than that. I feel I am becoming a more authentic version of myself. As I watch my dreads transform (slowly but surely), I see myself also growing and becoming more carefree while not allowing others to influence my self-esteem. 

This site is not necessarily about my dread journey because I’m sure most people are not here for that…besides, every person lives their process differently.

I started this blog to help other beginner dread heads learn the best ways to take care of their beautiful locs, mostly by personal experience and a lot of research. 

As a white girl who used to wash her hair every single day, becoming a loc-lady has left me no option but to learn the ropes- sometimes the hard way. This journey is a continuing learning experience! I’m here to pass on the information I learned thus far and always welcome the input of those who are also walking the walk.

I hope this blog also encourages those who are considering to join the growing society of awesome dread heads. If the thought is in your mind, it probably started in your heart…do it! (Okay, maybe don’t jump on it so fast- first consider the implications it could have on your career, relationships, etc, and remember that you can have them for a temporary season in your life and then go back to your normal hairstyle. No biggie.)

Welcome to my site! I’m so happy you landed here.  🙂 

Much love,

Nadia Zbyszycki

P.S. I love hearing from you guys! I read and respond to every message I receive. So, let’s not be strangers. Reach out to me here!

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