Are dreads attractive?

Are dreadlocks attractive
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Speaking from a biased perspective, I can confidently say that yes, dreadlocks can be an attractive hairstyle. 

Are they attractive all the time? Unfortunately, no. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? So my definition of attractive locs might be different than someone else’s but hear me out.

There’s a huge misconception that dreadlocks don’t need to be maintained or taken care of. The truth is that it’s quite the opposite. Just like any other hairstyle, dreads need to be washed, moisturized, and given their proper time and attention. 

Dreadlocks are attractive when they’re well-maintained, clean, and healthy.

Depending on the maturity phase that a person’s locs are at a given moment, they may be frizzy, lumpy, blunted, and unevenly sectioned. But all stages have their charm and beauty and I can assure you that those who put effort into their hair will reap the benefits. 

The same principle goes for those who put zero effort into their hair care routine— if you do nothing to your locs, it will show. Some may argue that free-form locs require no maintenance, and while that’s partly true, it does not mean that other important aspects of hair hygiene should be ignored. 

As for the basics, attractive dreads require that you:

  • Wash them weekly
  • Separate the hair at the roots, as needed
  • Moisturize them often
  • Use no chemical dyes or products
  • Protect them from dirt and lint
  • Deep clean them once or twice a year
  • Love them during every step of the journey! 

Dreadlocks are unique to the person wearing them. It does not matter what they look like necessarily, so long that you do your part to keep them healthy. Over the course of time (typically years), they will shape up properly and you’ll be surprised at how attractive they look. Just be patient with them. 

Those wanting to go for a cleaner look will definitely need to invest time (and perhaps money, if going to a professional loctician) to do periodic maintenance, such as to tuck in the loose hair growing on the scalp and polish the bumps along the length of the loc.  

Your dreads will probably make the first impression, so I understand how important and crucial it is for them to look attractive. 

Learn how to maintain your locs (DIY style) here. And check out these incredible recipes to get your locs smelling amazing all the time!

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