Why do dreads grow so fast?

Why do dreads grow so fast
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I hear this question a lot: how come dreadlocks grow so fast? After hearing it so many times, it got me thinking. 

There’s no possible way that your hair knows what style it’s in, and there’s no “dreadlock” magic that it would make it grow faster. So why do people with dreads notice their locs growing so fast? 

Let’s clear things up by saying that your hair grows at the exact same rate, whether you have loose hair or locs. 

That is, considering that you maintain similar eating habits and are an overall healthy individual. 

But there’s no denying that mature dreads get long super quick, so what’s up with the rapid growth rate? 

The best explanation relies on the idea that loose hair is constantly being brushed, washed, dried, etc. Therefore, you’re more likely to lose hair and get split ends. More split ends usually mean more visits to your hairdresser. 

Think about it— how often do you get your dreadlocks cut? A grand majority of dreaded people go years before trimming their locs. Whereas the average person with loose hair cuts their hair several times a year. In other words, those with dreads retain all their hair growth over the course of years, and those with loose hair don’t. 

Now, if you’re new to the dreadlock journey you might be excited to think that your locs will be long in no time. But hold up! Remember when I said mature dreads get long super quick? That one important detail is often overlooked. 

Baby dreads, or locs that have not reached a level of maturity yet, will shrink (a lot!) before they start to get longer. Don’t worry though, it’s only a matter of time before they show length. Dreadlock shrinkage is normal and to be expected. And yes, your hair is still growing during this phase, but it’s not going to be obvious yet. 

Depending on your hair texture, it could take a year, two years, perhaps even three years for your locs to mature..! But it’s just part of the deal and I promise, it’s worth the wait. 🙂

In order to help your dreads grow faster, you should:

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