Best Products for Maintaining Dreadlocks

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Crochet Hook

Best crochet hook for dreadlocks

If you want to maintain your own locs, this set of crochet hooks is ideal. One hook is 0.5mm and the other is 0.75mm, so you can pick which is easier to work with.

Spray Bottles

Best spray bottle for dreadlocks

Spray bottles are a must-have item for every dread head! You need them for your daily moisturizing spritzers. This two-pack is perfect because you can keep one at home, and the other one in your car or office.

Scalp Massager

Best scalp massager for dreadlocks

If you have dreads, I guarantee that you’ll suffer from an itchy scalp at one point or another.

The healthy way to ease your itchy scalp would be to use a scalp massager. The silicone bristles improve blood circulation, scalp exfoliation, and are ideal for those with a sensitive scalp.

Satin Bonnet

Best satin bonnet for dreadlocks

As funky as this bonnet looks, believe me when I say that it’s amazing! It works perfectly to prevent your locs from attracting lint overnight and it reduces frizziness.

Satin Pillowcase

Best satin pillowcase for dreadlocks

If you’re not feeling the ‘Granny look’ with the satin bonnet, give these satin pillowcases a try. They work in the same way at the bonnet, except they don’t keep your locs contained.

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