Best Products for Drying Dreadlocks

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Hair Dryer

Best hair dryer for dreadlocks

This Remington hairdryer is amazing! What I love about it is that you can change the heat settings, so you don’t damage your locs with high heat. I use it on a cooler setting. [For the men, they make these in black too!]

If you already have a hairdryer at home, don’t rush out to buy a new one. But if yours doesn’t have heat settings, this one is a preferred choice (for me).

Dryer Bonnet

Best hair dryer bonnet for dreadlocks

Before you immediately reject this idea, think of how chic you will look wearing this dryer bonnet!

Just kidding- but in all seriousness, this bonnet helps evenly distribute the heat from your hairdryer, making your drying time much shorter.

Microfiber Towel

Best microfiber towel for dreadlocks

Microfiber towels absorb an incredible amount of moisture. Wrap your head in one of these towels for an hour and your drying time will be a lot shorter.

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