Best Accessories for Dreadlocks

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best headbands for dreadlocks

These headbands are super comfortable! When your dreads are looking messy or having an unruly kind of day, I wear one of these and it helps to make my hair look a bit neater.

Find these exact styles and many other cool patterns by clicking on the image!


best sweatbands for dreadlocks

If you’re into working out, you should definitely get moisture-wicking sweatbands to absorb your sweat scalp. It really helps since you can’t wash your hair every day.


Best beads for dreadlocks

Beads are so much fun, especially for dreads, but they can also cause your locs to choke or grow deformed if the beads aren’t moved around once in a while.

These Viking beads are made from quality metals that won’t rust. These beads are specifically easy to put on and take off.

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